ArtCenter meet-up with automotive designer Frank Stephenson

An absolutely enthralling late morning and afternoon was spent with friends, scholars, fans and colleagues of “Rock Star” &  ArtCenter College of Design educated designer of the BMW MINI, rebirth of the Fiat 500, BMW X5 SUV, certain models of Ferrari – Maserati – Alfa Romero, and for the last 7+ years Design Director at McLaren Automotive – Frank Stephenson.

Listing of the documentary that Salon Pictures, with a distribution partnership through Lionsgate, found as an active project on the Salon Pictures website. Image Credit: Salon Pictures (2018)

A meet-up was arranged at ArtCenter for a few lucky folks to help give some background to a documentary being produced (Salon Pictures/Lions Gate) about Frank with a working title of … My Design Life.

ArtCenter Meet-Up With Recognized Automotive Designer Frank Stephenson – Read full article here


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