8 bargain cars with beautiful designs!


Some obvious modern classic cars, some picked from leftfield

Published 27 November

by Will Dron (https://www.driving.co.uk/contributor/will-dron)

IF YOU’RE looking for one of the world’s most beautiful cars for under £5,000, there’s probably no-one better to turn to than Frank Stephenson, the man who designed the McLaren P1 hybrid hypercar (reviewed here by Jeremy Clarkson) and Maserati MC-12, as well as two more affordable modern motoring icons, the re-imagined Mini and Fiat 500.

Handily, Stephenson – who is now a freelance design consultant – has created a video for his YouTube channel that focuses on exactly that: affordable cars with beautiful designs.

It’s his opinion, of course – you may not agree entirely – but there’s no denying he’s picked some real head-turners. Some are still quite common on the roads but given Stephenson’s keen eye, it’s fairly likely they will become sought-after modern classics, as the numbers dwindle, and it’s clear he thinks these are cars you should snap up now, before someone else does.

Even better, he goes into detail about why the designs are so interesting, focusing on the details that most car buyers might have overlooked. Whether you’re looking to buy or not, it’s a fascinating insight into some standout, everyday cars.

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