Frank Stephenson, the designer of some of the world’s most iconic cars, is joining aviation startup Lilium as Head of Product Design. Frank will lead the design of all aspects of Lilium services.

Lilium – founded in 2015 in Munich, Germany – is developing a high-speed, low-cost, zero- emissions jet that is capable of vertical take-off and landing. It will revolutionise the way people move in and around the world’s cities. The Lilium Jet is built around a unique concept which sees 36 hyper-efficient individual electric jet engines embedded into the aircraft’s wing flaps, enabling an effortless transition from hover mode into horizontal flight.

Stephenson, 58, will join a 100+ strong team in Munich from May, and recruit an entirely new design team to shape both the interior and exterior of the jet itself, as well as a design language for the company’s wider infrastructure, including landing pads and departure lounges.