Frank Stephenson Design appointed by near-space tourism group HALO Space

  • Frank Stephenson Design is appointed leader of design for HALO’s aerospace capsule
  • HALO Space is developing a new kind of space tourism that takes you on a zero-emission, six-hour journey to the edge of space
  • Conducted in a modern capsule that ascends with a stratospheric balloon up to 40 km above Earth to experience the Overview Effect
  • The project puts the Frank Stephenson Design house at the forefront of future mobility design
  • The first commercial flight is planned for 2025 and the capsule will carry eight passengers and a pilot

London, UK. 14 June 2023 – Frank Stephenson Design (FSD) continues its march into future mobility design with its latest project appointment leading the design and build of an aerospace capsule.

HALO Space is leading the way in the development of a new form of space tourism that takes passengers on a zero-emission journey to the edge of space in a modern capsule that ascends with a stratospheric balloon up to 40 km above Earth. The nomination of Frank Stephenson Design solidifies the design house’s position as a leading global studio across the mobility sphere.

The first commercial flight from HALO Space is currently planned for 2025 and the innovative and lightweight aerospace capsule will be capable of taking up to eight passengers and a capsule pilot on a six-hour journey into the stratosphere where they can witness Earth and space in a way that only astronauts and very few private citizens have done so before.

Frank Stephenson, Founder of Frank Stephenson Design, said: “Frank Stephenson Design is extremely excited to commence this project in partnership with HALO Space and is confident in delivering a stunning, sustainable near-space passenger experience realised through innovative, groundbreaking design. This further cements FSD’s position as leading the future of mobility across land, sea and space.”

Carlos Mira, CEO of HALO Space, said: “The capsule is the centre of the flight experience. It must not only be extremely safe, but also provide the comfort, amenities and technology to allow our passengers to enjoy their space flight to a maximum. It enhances this journey with unique resources, design and technology. Frank Stephenson and his team have accumulated decades of expertise in the design of vehicles that combine the highest standards of quality and luxury, and now join HALO Space to apply all this knowledge to our project.”

As one of the world’s most renowned and influential designers with over thirty years of expertise from world-leading companies including AutoFlight, Archer, Lilium, Ferrari, Maserati and McLaren, BMW and MINI – Frank Stephenson Design is known for a design philosophy that blends art with science, whilst using the latest eco-friendly technology to shape the future of mobility.

This new area of expertise is a big win for the studio and an extremely exciting chapter for Frank Stephenson Design.

About HALO Space  

HALO Space is a global space tourism company developing a Near Space flight program that will offer zero-emission commercial flights between 25 and 40 kilometers high, allowing passengers to observe the curvature of planet Earth and the vastness of Space in a flight lasting up to 6 hours. This will be possible thanks to its aerospace balloon, equipped with a pressurized capsule with a capacity for eight passengers and a pilot, which will have panel windows offering a 360º view.

Founded in 2021, HALO Space was initially incubated by the prestigious consulting firm Arthur D. Little in its Breakthrough Incubator program. After securing €3 million in seed funding, HALO operates independently and is led by industry veterans Carlos Mira, CEO, and Alberto Castrillo, CTO. HALO Space works closely with top-tier aerospace companies such as CT Engineering Group, Aciturri, GMV and TIFR Balloon Facility in the development of its spaceflight program.

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