Frank Stephenson to speak at NASA


  • Stephenson will be speaking at NASA about the future of safety within design and how this can be inspired by nature


  • Stephenson will announce his latest project, a child car seat named BabyArk, which takes a lead from nature and incorporates new protection mechanisms within its design
                • Global ‘thought leaders’ will be speaking at the fourth annual Cross Industry Innovation Summit at the NASA Space Centre Houston between 4th-6th November 2019
  • More information about the summit can be found at

London, 4th November 2019 – World-renowned designer, Frank Stephenson, will give an Innovation X talk at the Cross Industry Innovation Summit at NASA to advocate the importance of taking inspiration from nature when designing future safety innovations. Already recognised as one of the most influential designers of modern cars, including MINI and McLaren, Stephenson will announce his latest project, inspired by nature, which promises to be the safest child seat ever designed, called BabyArk.

 Safety and innovation are two concepts that go hand-in-hand in the modern world and are becoming increasingly pivotal when designers look to stretch the boundaries of their work,’ says Frank Stephenson.

‘As we continue to re-imagine traditional constraints, the lessons learnt from how we can collaborate with experts in multiple fields can lead to substantial advances in design. My goal now is to create designs that will have a positive impact on as many lives as possible and that starts with safety – by taking cues from the natural world I am confident there are many advances that can be made,’ he said.

Frank Stephenson has led the design of some of the most significant cars to have been made over the last three decades. From the McLaren P1 hypercar to the modern redesign of the iconic MINI under BMW ownership, Frank has played a key role in re-imagining the practiced concepts in place within automotive design. Frank believes that the future of safety in design can be taken from the nature that surrounds us.

BabyArk is a project that Frank is currently working on to revolutionise the design of the child car seat. By biomimicking the protection mechanisms of a woodpecker, the BabyArk car seat will incorporate innovative shock-absorbing technology to create an ultra-safe, ultra-strong and ultra-light seat like nothing created before.

Speaking in advance of the Cross Industry Innovation Summit, Stephenson said “I am honoured to be speaking to such an eminent audience and excited by the opportunity. I am deeply proud of my past achievements in automotive design but now look forward to making my designs more accessible and relevant to more people. This starts with the BabyArk and, like my design philosophy, it is inspired by nature.

NASA by definition is one of the most innovative and creative organisations in the world and I am looking forward to sharing my conceptual thinking on the importance of biomimicry.”

Joining Stephenson on stage will be a series of fellow industry leading professionals, who will also be sharing their views on cross industry innovation.

The Cross Industry Innovation Summit is now in its fourth year and brings together top innovation executives from the world’s leading institutions to discuss innovation across various industries. It takes place at the NASA Space Centre Houston between the 4th-6th November 2019.


Further information about the BabyArk project will become available in 2020.


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