FSD 59, lightness and agility

28 February 2024

Frank Stephenson Design, the design house of Frank Stephenson, has revealed its latest concept, the FSD 59, a futuristic motorbike that combines advanced technology, radical design elements and new functionality. The FSD 59 is a motorbike that showcases the vision and creativity of the studio, which has previously worked on projects such as space capsules, eVTOLs, supercomputers, supercars, watches, child seats and more. The design is the result of a creative process that involved experimenting with different architectures and technologies in the field of electric and hydrogen-powered bicycles.

The design team aimed to create a bike that could adapt to different riding styles and preferences, such as sport bikes, super sport cruisers and high-end commuters. To achieve this, they incorporated elements of customisation and adaptability, such as adjustable handlebars, footpegs and seats. The motorbike is light and agile without being too aggressive or compromising on comfort and safety. The bike also boasts a monocoque platform with modular battery, dynamic windshield angle adjustment, an augmented reality-enabled HUD and a one-piece fairing, among other innovative features.

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