McLaren P1 designer on modern car styling

By: Richard Webber, 12 February 2022


The American designer has spent more than three decades at the top of the vehicle design game. We get his take on current affairs and future possibilities

Ford, BMW, Mini. The top styling jobs at Maserati, Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo, then leading McLaren’s design journey from a standing start to the dawn of an entirely new product cycle. Frank Stephenson has some CV.

Unfettered by the birth of Frank Stephenson Design in 2018, the 62-year-old American’s current projects are intriguingly diverse, extending well beyond the automotive world.

So we wanted to know what views this unique perspective would lend to the armchair designer topics du jour. Should electric cars look different from fossil-burners? What four-wheeled artistry can I buy on a budget? And, not unimportantly, are SUVs inherently ugly?

As the constraints of internal combustion engine packaging fade, how might car design evolve?  Click here to read more…..


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