Mobility Design

We are leading the future of mobility by creating pioneering design solutions across a range of segments that will re-imagine how our planet moves. Frank Stephenson Design has an unrivalled track record of leading advanced design processes within new industries, such as eVTOL aircraft, and is an expert in the creation of a design language for any business.

Product Design

We can create simple and intelligent product design solutions and we also have the ability to guide highly complex design processes. Frank Stephenson Design has participated in some of the most iconic design programmes, and is a highly qualified advisor on style, luxury, exclusivity, refinement and cross industry design.

Your Design Studio

We are an exceptional and personal design studio that is ready to change your industry through innovative design. We are available in a Creative Directorship capacity or to fully outsource your entire design process to our team that has the ability to identify the DNA of a brand, create a design language, develop themes and then lead through to production.

Brand Ambassador

Frank Stephenson’s services are complemented by content, conferences or presence in the media to support commercial launches, boosted in their impact through the Frank Stephenson brand and portrait licences.

Keynote Speaking Engagements

Frank is available for various kinds of speaking engagements, topics include:

  • Corporate innovation
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Impelling Innovation
  • Creative Thinking
Speaking Engagements