David Taboas

I started my journey in design at the Universidad de la Coruña, where I pursued my Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and Product Development. During this period, I became more interested in the automotive sector, where I found the perfect balance between art and engineering. I decided to further my studies by pursuing a Master’s degree in Vehicle Design at the Royal College of Art in London. Here, I learned to push the limits of my creativity as far as my imagination could go.

After these experiences, I joined SEAT/Cupra in Barcelona as an interior designer, where I was involved in various intense projects aimed at creating a new brand identity for Cupra. I contributed to the design of several models, including the Cupra Leon, Cupra Tavascan, Cupra UrbanRevel, and more. Through these projects, I was able to significantly enhance my technical and design skills.

Before joining the FSD team, I spent a year at Scania in Stockholm, where I helped create future interior concepts for the next generation of trucks.

I focus on creating new and innovative design ideas by studying current products, identifying areas for improvement, and proposing cutting-edge concepts that surprise you upon viewing. Additionally, I am interested in understanding how the continuous changes in our society could impact us as designers, shaping the development of new generations of products or entirely new products.