BMW X5 Designer Opens Up About BMW’s Grille Problem

BMW X5 Designer Opens Up About BMW’s Grille Problem

He’s not pleased

BMW is one of the best-known premium car builders around, and its trademark kidney grille has been shaping the design language behind its cars for the better part of 80 years. What started off in the 1930s as massively elongated grilles, shrunk down in the 1960s, took on a polygonal shape in recent years, and has now blown up in proportion. In 2019 BMW revealed its Concept 4 at the Frankfurt Motor Show with a controversial new face. That grille has made its way onto the production BMW 4 Series, and while some have argued that it looks better on SUVs, cars such as the X4 M have managed to evade the design. In Frank Stephenson’s latest video, the designer of the original BMW X5 reviews the design of the upcoming BMW iX and discusses the future of the BMW kidney grille.

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By Michael Butler

17 January 2021