Legendary designer behind Ferrari F430 inducted into Motoring Hall of Fame

FEB. 09, 2024 11:58 AM ETBY JARRYD NEVE

The Motoring Hall of Fame, a small and exclusive club that includes some of the most influential automotive personalities in the world, has welcomed the legendary Frank Stephenson to its extraordinary list.

Stephenson is considered by many to be one of the best car designers of the modern era, responsible for all-time greats like the Ferrari F430 and Maserati MC12. Speaking of the award, the modest 64-year-old said his dream was never to win awards but to make an impact on the world: “My target wasn’t about achieving job titles or winning awards, as I saw these as potential consequences of doing good work.”

Despite that, he was overjoyed to have won the prestigious accolade. “I’m truly overwhelmed to receive this Motoring Hall of Fame award and for the recognition from my peers and those across the industry.”

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