Speaking Engagements with Frank Stephenson

Frank is an expert speaker on design, technology, innovation, biomimicry in design, colour research and materials

He is a charismatic, passionate, funny and very popular intuitive speaker and a great Motivational Speaker on the subject of Motivating Yourselves and Your Business – to Be the Best.

Read below what attendees have said…

“Hi Frank,
I just wanted to thank you again for speaking at FEI last week and continuing to support our event. I can’t tell you what an honor it is for us to have you there (and I don’t say that to everyone!). What you’ve accomplished in your life is, simply put, extraordinary. I’ve been doing a conference for 10 years and I have never received so much positive feedback about a speaker before. You sound so humble from the keynote stage, and yet you’ve accomplished so much. Probably why you are so likeable!” Kelly Schram

“Hi Frank,
A real pleasure to meet you last week @ FEI Boston. Thanks again for the talk, it was genuinely the highlight of the conference for me.” Stephen Hempton

“Hi Frank, I hope you’re well!
You agreed to speak at my Chief Innovation Officer conference in London last October, and absolutely blew everyone away.” Richard Angus

“Dear Frank,
First, I would like to thank you for coming to IMD. Your speech was very inspiring. I also believe that passion for what you do is the key to achieving the impossible.
Most interestingly for me of your speech was you talked about 3D printing and the new capabilities it brings to companies operating in highly demanding environments.
Thank you very much.”  Imanol Cortázar

“The highlight of Day 1’s programme was an enthralling presentation by McLaren Automotive’s design director, Frank Stephenson. An acclaimed  designer, Stephenson gave an hour-long extended presentation to a capacity audience, offering insight into all aspects of his work, how to approach design projects, and how form most certainly does not follow function.”
Stuttgart Interior Automotive Expo

“I was at SIGGRAPH Asia in December and wanted to say I was deeply moved by your keynote presentation.” James Donald

2020 to Current

  • Ecosystems 2030, A Coruña
  • Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum, Alabama
  • Appearance on Before Noon, Bulgarian Television
  • Johnson Space Center NASA SMA Innovation Summit

2015 – 2019

  • Front End of Innovation, Keynote Speaker, Boston
  • Spring Press Launch, Suning, Beijing
  • The Art and Science of Design, TedX, Eton, UK
  • The principles of Good Design, Fuse, Amsterdam
  • Design Sell, Create Change, Beijing
  • The Design for Life, Marbella
  • The Classic Car Show, Excel
  • NEC Classic Motorshow
  • Biomimicry UK
  • Peterson Museum, California
  • TedXEton, UK
  • Art Center Industrial Design Forum, Keynote Speaker, Beijing
  • Create Change Design Forum, Keynote Speaker, Hangzhou
  • Front End of Innovation, Keynote Speaker, Boston
  • JYI Conference, Keynote Speaker, Geneva
  • Mentes Brilliantes, Keynote Speaker, Madrid
  • IED Conference, Keynote Speaker, Barcelona

2010 – 2014

  • Front End of Innovation, Keynote Speaker, Munich and Venice
  • Automotive Innovation Forum, Keynote Speaker, Munich
  • Automotive Interiors Expo, Keynote Speaker, Stuttgart
  • PETERCAM, Keynote Speaker, Geneva
  • Design by Nature, Guest Speaker, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
  • An Evening with Frank Stephenson, Guest Speaker, Royal Automobile Club, London
  • A Night with McLaren, Guest Speaker, London
  • Credit Suisse, Guest Speaker, Monterey
  • Design Festival, Keynote Speaker, Cheltenham
  • SIGGRAPH ASIA, Keynote Speaker, Seoul
  • Applying Design Philosophy Across Corporate Ambition, Keynote Speaker, London
  • Materialise World Conference, Brussels
  • Creative Barcode, Keynote Speaker, London
  • IED Conference, Guest Speaker, Barcelona
  • TED Talks, Speaker, Difference by Design, London
  • Talking Design, Guest Speaker, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
  • World Innovation Conference, Keynote Speaker, Ibiza
  • A Night with Frank Stephenson, Guest Speaker, Victoria & Albert Museum, London

2002 – 2009

  • TED Talks, Speaker, Design Sells, London
  • Autodesk Conference, Guest Speaker, Munich and Barcelona
  • Gravity Free Design Conference, Keynote Speaker, Chicago
  • Design Festival, Keynote Speaker, London
  • Design Forum, Keynote Speaker, Los Angeles
  • Art Center College of Design 75th Anniversary, Guest Speaker, Pasadena
  • Design Forum, Keynote Speaker, Detroit
  • GQ International Annual Conference, Guest Speaker, Dusseldorf
  • Microsoft Annual Conference, Guest Speaker, Rome

Judging Panels

Frank is regularly invited year on year as a judge at some of the most prestigious car events in the world:

  • Best of the Best, The Quail, Pebble Beach
  • Gentleman Drivers, Marrakech
  • Salon Prive, Blenheim Palace
  • Chantilly Arts and Elegance, Chantilly
  • The Most Beautiful Car of the Year, Marrakech
  • Zoute Concours d’Elegance, Knokke-le-Zoute
  • Salon Prive, Syon Park, London
  • Louis Vuitton Classic Concours, Frankfurt
  • Cartier Style et Lux, Goodwood
  • Louis Vuitton Concours d’Elegance, Waddesdon Manor